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Restore your tooth to its normal size, shape or function, and smile with confidence because smiles are always in fashion! Change your life with zeus slot. A dental crown can make your teeth stronger and make it look better. The materials used to make the crown include ceramics, metal alloys, porcelain or porcelain fused metal. For a natural look, we blend in the color of the crown with the color of your teeth. We make sure it looks natural and feels comfortable. 

Here are some of the reasons why a dental crown treatment could be the right option for you- 
  • You have a large cavity. 
  • You want to cover a discoloured tooth 
  • Your tooth is cracked, weakened or badly shaped. 

Types of dental crowns

Ceramic crowns

These are used for the front teeth. They blend in with your natural teeth colour and give you a real look.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns

These provide a stronger bond than porcelain and is long-lasting. 

Gold alloys crown

This is a mix of gold, copper and other metals. It provides a firm bond to the tooth, as well as helps the tooth itself stay stronger.

Base metal alloys crown

This crown is made up of metals that are highly resistant to corrosion, and make for a highly stable crown.


No, but the presence of a crown does not guarantee that your tooth won’t decay in the future. So keep following your normal oral hygiene routine.

If taken proper care of, they last for about 15 years.

At first, you might notice a bit of difference, but then it should be normal after a few days.

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