Teeth Colored Fillings

Tooth coloured fillings

best teeth colored filling in Mangalore

We provide natural-looking fillings that are not visible when you smile or laugh.

Traditionally, dentists used silver fillings to cover cavity or any other minor damages on the tooth. However, they are easily visible and cause and give your teeth an unnatural look. With tooth coloured fillings this issue can be eliminated. Your tooth would be filled using plastic and ceramic according to the shade of your teeth. This gives your teeth a natural look. Tooth coloured fillings are safe and aesthetically appealing. 

Benefits of tooth coloured fillings over its alternatives
  • Makes your teeth stronger 
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing 
  • No tooth discolouration 
  • Safer for your teeth 
  • Lasts longer than other types of fillings

Different types of tooth-colored fillings?


This mixture of plastic and glass is the most common type of tooth-coloured filling. Newer materials can hold up almost as long as amalgam fillings and look very natural, though they can stain over time just as natural teeth do.

Glass Ionomer

Made of acrylic and glass powders, these inexpensive, translucent fillings blend in acceptably well with natural teeth and have the advantage of releasing small amounts of fluoride to help prevent decay. However, they generally don’t last as long as other restorative materials.


High-tech dental ceramics are considered the most aesthetic choice of filling material. They don’t stain as composites can, but their relatively high glass content can make them more brittle and prone to breakage. They may be more expensive than composites.


Dental fillings are completely safe and non-toxic. They are the best way to treat cavities and tooth decay.

They last for around 7 to 10 years if taken proper care of.

Yes. it is possible to do so. However, consult your dentist to know whether this could be an option for you.

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